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I have been running about 3 miles 3 times a week on and off since October. I want to do a half marathon in the end of April. I recently ran 6 miles in my vibram five fingers no problem. I am starting a training schedule this week. My older brother ran a half marathon in his vibram five fingers and said that they were holding him back and that it would be a really bad idea for me to run a half marathon with them. I feel my body has done a good job adapting and I feel great when I run in them. My brother and I have the same type of running posture.. What should I do? What were your experiences running a half marathon in five fingers?

Asked by Katie on Apr 30, 2012 2 answers provided. Official Answer:

Great question!  Like anything else, you really want to properly train your feet and body for that distance.  When someone switches to FiveFingers, we also suggest a very conservative transition period, starting with very low distances (below 1 mile) and slowly increasing.  While we believe that FiveFingers are great and closer to how your body intends for you to run, it is also very used to padded supports and needs to learn how to not rely on them.


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  1. Greg Vickers says:

    I just completed my 5th marathon in Five Fingers Bikilas. I also recently ran my fastest ever 1/2 M and 10K in them. Short run or long, I don’t think I’ll ever run in anything else. It seems to me it would be difficult to switch back and forth between Five Fingers and regular running shoes anyway. It took a long time to get used to the Vibrams, so changing back would be a difficult and unnecessary transition, too, wouldn’t it? Just my opinion.
    I wear my Vibram Trek Sports on trails and uneven surfaces, but prefer the minimalist Bikilas for races. One of the things I really like about both is the snug fit without laces. Boo, laces!
    I’ve recently decided that I prefer doing my longer runs (over 15 miles) with a pair of toed Injinji socks between my feet and the Bikilas. I use a heavier sock in the cold and a pair of the thins when it’s warmer. Just a little bit more padding and protection from blisters, I figure.
    So I conclude there’s just no reason in the world you should shy away from using Five Fingers for longer runs, after a suitable acclimation period.
    PS: I’ve been a runner for over 30 years, and I’ve never had a prolonged run of uninjured feet and legs like the 2+ years in Vibrams. I’ve completely drunk the Kool-Aid.

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