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I have a question.I’m going away for vacation next month and I’m in the process of training for my first half-marathon. I’ve always wanted to try FiveFingers and I thought this will be the best time. My question is, can I run on the beach, near water, with the chance of getting FiveFingers wet or it will destroy the shoes.Thank you!Sincerely,Daria Sorokina

Asked by Daria Sorokina on Feb 13, 2012 3 Answers Provided. Official Answer:

Its OK to run in FiveFingers on the beach, they should handle the sand and water with no problem. A while back we wrote about wearing FiveFingers as water shoes and came to the conclusion that they worked for that.

With that said, you may be a little more comfortable just running barefoot on the beach instead (if its sandy, not rocky).  Sand getting into the shoes can be really uncomfortable!

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Submitted Answers

  1. Corey Nagle says:

    I agree 100% with the above, with the addition that running on sand may not be the best surface for transition. Sand (like grass) can mask sensations in your feet, leading to poor form. Just make sure you hit some harder surfaces when you get back.

  2. cft says:

    Sand runners love the VFF Trek Sport ( ) that come a little bit higher up the heel. The slightly thicker sole helps to prevent ankle twist if you happen to step on an occasional stone.

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