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Training for the Rock The World Race – Lansing, MI

by Brian Patterson » on May 15, 2012 1

As you probably know from our last post, a few of our readers have been invited to participate in the Rock the World Races (mud runs) taking place in Michigan this year.  Yesterday Adam shared details about his race and his mud run training regimen, and today Brody Berson shares his training plans and details.

Enter Brody…

College is out for the summer, nothing left to do but relax and obtain a summer internship right? Wrong, it’s time to get back in shape like I used to be and tackle something that has been on my list of experiences to achieve; an obstacle course. More specifically the Rock The World obstacle 5K in Grand Ledge, MI at Fitzgerald Park.

My experience as a runner started in High School on the Cross Country team as an extracurricular sport that I didn’t care too much for, just something to stay in shape for my winter sport, Wrestling. It turns out after getting into that running shape and running 5Ks week after week and the strenuous practices it was something that I believe everyone should do. Once you reach the climax stage of each run where you feel like nothing can stop you, no matter how tough the obstacle is, that euphoria carries you through with such adrenaline and divine power; that is what I run for.

Once college came around, I did not throw the shoes on as much as I should have with all the study sessions and extra curricular actives around campus (Rock Climbing Club, I promise…). I was very distracted but wanted to tackle a new type of challenge, besides just another 5K like I have ran countless number of times before, so when the opportunity to run in Rock The World Race popped up, I jumped on it. Not only will I be completing those excruciating 3.1 miles, I’ll be wearing my pair of Vibram TrekSport FiveFingers.

These are my FiveFinger Speeds, which I use to train on the cement/easy terrain and cross train

I was introduced to FiverFingers as an alternative to some “lightweight” hiking shoes, as I wanted something to go hiking with on the lakeshore, as I am from North Muskegon, MI. I wanted something to go from grass, dirt, water, and back without having to worry about my shoes and I had to drive an hour to find a retailer that dealt with Vibram FiveFingers.  I really wanted to try them on, and when I got their I decided on my first page, tan TrekSports. I fell in love with the flexibility, lightweight soles and ability to go on diverse terrain with not having to think about my feet. I quickly found out they were more than just a shoe, but a lifestyle.

This Rock The World 5K will be the first of many new experiences in my life that I will need to train and work for and I am glad to be a part of something so new to the Michigan running community, which should stay around for an annual event. I have been training for the event not only with just runs, but also cross training and going to the gym. Living on the Lakeshore has its advantages in that you can use nature as your own natural gym. Whether the terrain consists of soft sand, gravel, mud or shallow water, you can find it there. One of my prized workouts came from High School Cross Country, which is tackling “Mount Rocket.” Mt. Rocket is overlooking the beautiful scenery of Lake Michigan, but behind those beautiful looks is an intense workout that will push the limitations of your body and mind as you’re countlessly climbing the steep incline of the sand dune, going down and right back up.

The view from atop Mt. Rocket, looking directly over Lake Michigan

I look forward to my June 30th 12:15pm race time each and every day with such enthusiasm and excitement that I lose sleep at night. It will definitely be a gateway into bigger and better things, as a Marathon is atop of my bucket list as well. I would like to thank and Rock The World Race for the opportunity to be a part of such an awesome experience. I encourage anyone and everyone to go out and give it a try and to start training; you still have plenty of time!

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  1. Fyi, for those who are traveling for the Rock the World race, obstacle course, music fest. and slip & slide event… We have extended a special overnight rate which includes a free room upgrade and meals. The Lexington Lansing Hotel is full service and close to Grand Ledge. Explore our main web site or find us on facebook & twitter. Thanks!

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