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Running Rehab

by Dan Hinckley » on Jun 17, 2015 0

One of the best (and healthiest) ways to you can rehab an alcohol addiction is by running. There are numerous health benefits to running, but running to work off an addiction can be extra advantageous for your health.

Running normally can raise levels of good cholesterol, strengthen lung function, bones, hearts, boost immune systems, and lower the risk of developing blood clots. While being very valuable to your health, it also largely increases the way you feel by reducing stress and increasing self esteem.

When battling an addiction, people find themselves with a lot more free time and struggle with the pulls to their vice. So why not try running? Starting a routine is very helpful when battling addiction. When a few hours open up in your day, why not plan a regular regular running routine. This way you you’re getting healthy and keeping your mind off of other battles.

As previously stated, running increases mental strength by reducing stress and increasing self esteem. There are very good qualities to gain or have when struggling with addiction. Mental health is one of the biggest factors in getting and staying sober. If your mind isn’t in it, your body won’t be either. Running is a great way to mold your mind and body together for ultimate success.

Although running is promoted as a healthy alternative to addiction, those getting into it must know the costs of what they are doing. When battling addiction, many become hung up on something else instead. There is such thing as over exercising. We know everything in life should be done in moderation and running is no exception. Be sure to keep a balance in your life with all things, including running. Don’t overtake one addiction with another. Fight off your alcohol troubles by beginning to incorporate running into your daily life. Your body and mind will thank you.

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