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Three Tips For Staying Healthy Over The Holiday Season

by Grace » on Dec 28, 2018 0

holiday table setting


The holidays are underway and New Year’s is fast approaching. With them comes fun and memorable times with family and friends. What also comes along though is a lot of temptation and calories from all the festive food and drinks.

If you’re worrying about all those extra calories this holiday season is likely to bring, fear not. We have some top tips for you to follow in order to stay in shape and healthy over the holidays.

1. Don’t overeat

We get it, the holidays are a time for decadence and eating until you’re busting at the seams, but think about future you, will they be happy once the holidays are over and it’s time to step onto the scales? Probably not so make sure you eat everything in moderation, after all, when you’re full, you’re full! Hopefully with this advice you won’t eat as many cookies as Santa this year and have the calories to prove it.

2. Make some healthier choices

There’s going to be a load of unhealthy food coming your way this holiday season but there’s things you can do to make it a bit healthier without depriving yourself completely.  Making hot chocolate? Use 1% milk instead of full fat, there’s a lot of healthier swaps you can make with your holiday food and drink that will help you to keep those extra calories at bay.

3. Exercise with what you’ve got

Now we know you’re not exactly going to be making a trip to the gym during the holidays, after all who really wants to do that? But we are all gifted with something so that we can exercise anytime and anywhere, our bodies! There are a lot of body weight exercises you can do with zero equipment ranging from push ups to squats so be sure to regularly do some exercise each day over the holidays to stay in shape and burn off those calories.


So there you have it, three top tips to make sure you stay healthy over the Holidays and don’t give Santa a run for his money on the scales. We hope these tips help you have a very happy and healthy holiday break.


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