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Stalking FiveFinger Wearing Survivor Contestants

by Brian Patterson » on Feb 23, 2012 0

My fascination with FiveFingers on the TV show Survivor continues. We’ve posted about all of the contestants this season wearing them and also perennial survivor Ozzie wearing KSO Treks last season.

The love continued last night as Troy ‘Troyzan’ Robertson’s bright yellow KomodoSports showed up prominently in the episode where contestants needed good balance for a balance beam challenge.  In several of the shots you could actually see the Vibram logo on the shoes… that is how close they zoomed in on them.

Let the Stalking Begin

Well, not really stalking, just Tweeting. The great thing about Twitter is the ability to contact just about anyone, and because these Survivors don’t have a ton of followers yet, there is a good chance they’ll see our message.

First, we hit up Troyzan with the following:

No response yet, but we’ll keep trying.

We received this response from Troyzan 3 days later:

Next we tweeted Sabrina (pictured below), who’s bright pink Bikilas are hard to miss on the show.

Sabrina Thompson - Survivor One World Contestant

What happened next? Success – responses.

For the non-tweetheads, her response to the question is at the end: “No. I love them!”. Essentially saying that she basically got them to wear on the show. I find that kinda interesting – I wonder who turned her on to FiveFingers and told her they’d be the best shoes for the show (which we think they are).

Then, this:

That second tweet was about 45 minutes later… so she probably thought about our tweet again and figured she might be able to get a free pair out of us. Can’t blame her for trying… but her best bet for a free pair would be to enter our monthly giveaway.

We’ll keep trying to get some more information out of these contestants. Now if only Ozzie would reply to our emails…

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