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These Are the Best Cities for Farmers Market Lovers

by Grace » on Jun 07, 2019 1


It’s no secret that a key to clean eating and improving overall health is cutting out processed foods. These foods are high in sugar and fat and lack essential vitamins and minerals. However, it can be a challenge to find anything but this processed junk in the grocery store, especially when this seems like the cheapest option.

Luckily, farmers markets have been popping up around the globe to put a stop to the convenience of junk food and introduce fresh, local produce to more people. Farmers markets also help local farmers increase business, making them a win-win situation.

While healthy eating is becoming increasingly publicly discussed, this American tradition is not a new trend. In fact, farmers markets were the most popular in the early 1800s before the days of wholesale and refrigeration. But yet, Americans today still spend $1.1 billion at farmers markets within our nation each year.

With over 2,600 farmers markets within our borders – where can you find the best local produce? A recent study by Empire Today performed an analysis of the 100 largest US cities to locate the best towns for farmers markets based on a variety of factors. Here’s what they found:

Washington DC Scores Best City for Farmers Markets

Despite the fast-paced city life, turns out the people living in our nation’s capital still want to get their health food fix. DC is home to the most farmers markets in relation to population size – and these farmers markets are also most likely to accept credit cards, making it even easier for shoppers.

While DC may be stereotyped as a big city littered with government buildings and political offices, nearly 22% of the land is parkland giving farmers tons of opportunities to (literally) grow their business.

West Coast, Best Coast?

While the top city may fall on the American east coast, the west coast is very well represented in best cities for farmers markets. Six of the top 20 cities including San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento are located in the Golden State of California. Six more of these cities are found in Arizona and three in Nevada – meaning that these three states alone are home to 15 of the top 20.

Whether it’s the perfect climate or the healthy population, there’s no arguing that the West Coast is where it’s at for farmers and farmers markets enthusiasts alike.

Get the Most Bang for your Buck in Santa Ana

Not only is California full of some of the top-notch farmers markets in the country, but it is also home to one of the cheapest! Smashing the misconception that eating healthy has to be expensive is Santa Ana, California – the city in which produce costs just some spare change at an average of $0.75.

This average cost peaks at $2.74 in ironically the top-ranked city of Washington, DC. Even this highest value is comparable to grocery store rates, meaning there are literally no excuses for people not to support local agriculture!

On top of the experience of simply shopping in a farmers market, the health benefits are undeniable. Clear correlations have been shown among the availability of farmers markets and community health and lowered body mass index. Similarly, people say farmers markets build a sense of community and foster diverse social interactions.

So next time you go grocery shopping, think twice about going to the big supermarkets and consider visiting a local farmers market!

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