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VFFs on NBC’s TV Show ‘Parks and Recreation’

by Brian Patterson » on Feb 04, 2011 3

Parks and Rec is part of the Thursday night comedy lineup on NBC, along with the Office, Community, 30 Rock, and Outsourced. Last night they had a funny bit that featured VFF’s. Rob Lowe’s character took all of his shoes to the building’s shoeshiner to be cleaned, but the shoeshiner had no idea what to do with the FiveFingers, thus comedy ensued.

Below is the clip video from the show. Be sure to stay for about a minute to see the funny bit where the shoeshiner, Andy, suggests that monkeys should wear FiveFingers.

Transcript of the good stuff:

Andy: I didn’t know what to do with these. I think they are gloves.
Chris (Rob Lowe’s Character): No no no… Those are sports sandals, they are for adventure racing. They perfectly contour to the human foot. The human foot is the ultimate technology.
Andy: Dude, that is the coolest sentence I have ever heard somebody talk.

And a few seconds later, in the hallway:
Andy: Hey, you know who should wear these shoes? Monkeys!


  1. Mike

    February 04th, 2011 at 10:06 am

    HAHAHAHAHA so funny!


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