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And the March Winner Is….

by admin » on Apr 04, 2011 2

We have a new winner in the Year-Long Giveaway, and her name is Pam.  Pam is an email subscriber, and we’ve emailed her with all of the details.  Pam gets to choose any pair of FiveFingers that she wants from the good folks at River Sports (our Giveaway sponsor)!  If you haven’t checked out River Sports, you really should see all of the new VFF styles they have, in addition to tons of great outdoor goodies:  River Sports Outfitters.

If you aren’t Pam, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.  We still have many many more pairs of Vibram Five Fingers to Giveaway — Just go here to see all of your entry options.

And, like Pam, you really should signup to our mailing list for insider information and exclusive offers.  It also gets you one entry in the giveaway.  To make it easy, here is a box to signup.  Go ahead and do it now… really… thanks.

Submitted Comments

  1. Aaron says:

    Lucky Pam….I’m hoping to win a pair of these so I can sport them in the Warrior dash and Mudder races in my state this summer.

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