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Geeks in FiveFingers

by Corey Nagle » on Feb 08, 2012 10

Geeks aren’t known for their athletic prowess, but suprisingly, FiveFingers make their way around the nerdier among us.

As a lover of all things with lots of buttons and flashing LEDs, I read a lot of tech blogs. I can’t get enough of pages full of the latest-and-greatest doohickies and thingamajigs, whipping my gadget envy into a dither, until I wake up covered in drool and my wallet empty. But every so often, the streams cross, and BOOM. A pair of FiveFingers. Who’da thunk it? Granted the coverage isn’t always positive (I’m talking to you, Gizmodo), but hey, any publicity is good publicity is good publicity, right?

Wired Magazine covers a whole array of minimalist shoes, not just FiveFingers, and reasonably often. Jonathan Liu, in particular, seems quite fond of minimalist running shoes, and even reviewed Born to Run. Though not all of their writers are barefoot or minimalist shoe fanatics, several of them are FiveFingers wearers. Even their writers that aren’t FiveFingers junkies cover stories on the latest barefoot running studies.

Even TechCrunch, known more for Silicon Valley coverage than footwear, gets in on the action, doing reviews, posting news about upcoming models, and even helping to spot counterfeit FiveFingers. John Biggs, editor of “TechCrunch Gadgets”, runs in Classics and (now) presumably in KSO Treks when the weather turns cold. Though, I’m not 100% sure of his stance on FiveFingers some days. (Maybe he just hates the Bormios, and I can’t completely disagree there.)

Let’s not forget Sergey Brin, of course. The Google co-founder and bazillionaire has been seen just about everywhere sporting his FiveFingers. Maybe we can get Mark Zuckerberg to trade in his Adidas flip-flops…

Sergey Brin in FiveFingers

image via jurvetson, Flickr

Even notable science fiction author, journalist, and Creative Commons proponent, Cory Doctorow, called Vibram FiveFingers “cool-looking” not long after they first came out. (Though I’m not sure if he actually wears them or not.)

No doubt about it, FiveFingers are making waves beyond the running and “outdoor” crowd.

Any other “geeks” out there in FiveFingers?

Submitted Comments

  1. ividia says:

    Right here! And my programmer / dba bud back east too. :)

  2. NevynPA says:

    PC Technician/Support rep here! Love my KSO’s, looking to get another pair in a different style!

  3. Tyler Hurst says:

    I made the move to Vibrams one month after reading this post from CrunchGear.

  4. Dan says:

    Web Administrator, Search Engine Optimization, Entrepreneur, A Geek with some crazy Basketball skills.. woot!

  5. Michael G says:

    My friend and I are Computer Science majors, and we both wear VFFs!

  6. Brian Patterson says:

    Degree in IT, work on websites, SEO, Social media. FiveFinger fanatic.

  7. Thomas Meier says:

    School IT director and love running in my KSO’s.

  8. Niko says:

    Yup, full time software developer and VFF wearer signing in.
    VFF classics for around the office, and walking places. VFF KSO’s for the more active activites. Soon to add a pair of KomodoSport’s and/or Sprint’s to my collection so I can wear ‘normal’ shoes only in client meetings :)

  9. Michael Palmer says:

    I am a senior software developer at my company, and now that my first child has arrived (8 months ago, a little girl!), it is time to get serious and get in shape! I used to run, but always hurt. Did some looking and decided to not only get back into running, but try a new way. I am up to 4 pairs of Vibrams and all the other shoes are going to Goodwill! Love them all!

  10. Antoine says:

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