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Kate Hudson wearing FiveFingers

by Corey Nagle » on Dec 02, 2011 2

Kate Hudson in FiveFingers

Image via StarPulse

Ahh, Kate. You just jumped two more notches in my book for wearing FiveFingers. Unlike Jack Osbourne, who happens to be one of B Patt’s idols.

But alas, since you have terrible taste in men (That’s her fiance, Matt Bellamy from the band Muse, looking especially dashing in the latest grocery fashion), it can never be.


So I’ll just add you to our growing list of celebrities wearing FiveFingers.

Submitted Comments

  1. Christopher says:

    I’ve always wanted to use “especially dashing” in a sentence.

  2. hah! didn’t his mummy ever tell him putting plastic bags over your head is dangerous. hope they don’t have any children!

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