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The Health Benefits of Reducing Smartphone Screen Time

by admin » on Sep 20, 2016 0

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It is estimated that Americans spend an average of 4.7 hours per day on their mobile phones. We’re slowly but surely evolving into a culture obsessed with our phones. Driving in the car is not even a time exempt of screen time these days as 43% of drivers admit to ignoring no-texting laws. Time that should be dedicated to careful driving and attention to the road, has become yet another opportunity to check Facebook, send a quick Snap or respond to a text from a friend. Beyond taking up way too much of our time, what impact is this screen time having on our health and what are the primary benefits of reducing it?

The potential health consequences of a heightened amount of smartphone screen time include, but are not limited to, eye strain, neck and spine discomfort, and soreness and cramping in the fingers. All of these factors can lead to a decrease in overall productivity and more serious long term effects on the body. This is especially troublesome for children who are developing screen time habits at a much earlier age than the older population.

Reducing the time you’re spending staring down at your smartphone each day will allow you to reduce the possible negative consequences of too much screen time that you’ve been experiencing. Setting boundaries and guidelines around screen time is a good start to putting this into practice. Set aside specific times of the day to be free of screen time, specifically around bed time. Many people have found success with setting up their bedroom as a smartphone free zone. Make a pact with friends and family to put your phone out of arm’s reach while in the car to remove the temptation to use your smartphone while driving- the texts and social media notifications will be waiting for you when you get to your destination (I promise!).

Imagine the amount of time you can potentially free up by simply putting your phone down. New hobbies, intentional time with family and friends will be waiting for you, ultimately leading you towards a more satisfying life. Do yourself a favor and give it a try – you will not regret it!

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